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Ground School

Harbour Aviation's private pilot ground school is available to aspiring pilots, as well to those curious about aviation and would like to learn the academic side of aviation. The Private Pilot Ground School is an eight week course where students will meet 16 times in a face-to-face environment. Harbour Aviation’s ground school will prepare you to pass the required Private Pilot FAA written exam.

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Cost- $750

Course costs includes the Private Pilot Supply Bundle and access to the 16 face-to-face class sessions taught by Advanced Ground Instructors, subject matter expert guest lecturers, and various flight instructors. 


Private Pilot Supply Bundle

On the first day of class, students will receive the following private pilot supply bundle:

  • Gliem Pilot Logbook

  • ASA Airplane Flying Handbook

  • ASA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

  • ASA FAR/AIM Softcover Book 

  • ASA Oral Exam Guide Private Pilot Rating

  • ASA Ultimate Rotating Plotter

  • ASA E6-B Flight Computer

  • ASA VFR Kneeboard


Private Pilot Ground School Details 

Class will be held at Harbour Aviation located at Bourland Field Airport. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, class will being at 6:00pm and will conclude by 8:30pm.

At the end of the course, students will take a practice test, and if they score a passing grade, a Certificated Flight Instructor will give the student a logbook endorsement, which will allow them to take their private pilot written exam at an approved FAA testing center. 

Students are allowed (and encouraged) to take flight lessons while in ground school. Doing so helps with the learning process by immersing yourself inside the airplane environment. 

Call us at 817-476-3177 to register or learn more
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