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Professional Pilot Program

Harbour Aviation's Professional Pilot Program is geared for those who are seeking a career as a pilot. Our Professional Pilot Program will prepare individuals for a career working for the airlines, flying charter operations or the many other career opportunities available to rated pilots. Our program can be completed in a full-time capacity or at part-time rates which can accelerate your training and get you into your dream job as fast as a student allows his or her training to progress. 

What sets us apart?

Harbour Aviation is a cut above the rest for several reasons listed below. Give us a try and see why we consistently produce high quality aviators, at a fraction of the price, and at a faster pace than other flight schools.  

  • Our focus and commitment to efficiency has proven successful with most students obtaining their Private Pilot license with less than 50 flight hours.

  • Instruction is completed with one instructor throughout the training process, which avoids taking two steps forward and one step back by repeating redundant tasks with multiple flight instructors.

  • Harbour Aviation offers great aircraft and instructor availability, which doesn't hold your training back from progressing.

  • Any student who completes their training at Harbour aviation is guaranteed an interview and chance for employment at Harbour Aviation after they complete their CFI training. We train the best, so we like to hire the best. 

  • Unlike the large schools, our students are mentored and led throughout the entire training process, which avoids being lost in the training process and promotes camaraderie and a fun training experience.  

  • Harbour Aviation is committed to remaining competitively priced, which training with us will save students thousands of dollars when compared to larger schools. Students will experience huge savings not just due to our efficient training methods that allow students to complete their traiging faster, but also because our rental and instructor rates remaining among the most affordable in the DFW metroplex. 

  • The airspace Bourland Field Airport is located in allows for excellent training. Located just outside the DFW Bravo airspace, we are located in the "training area". Meaning, as soon as we take off, we are allowed to start training and get to work immediately. Other schools often start their lessons by exiting the Bravo airspace, then strat training (costing time and money flying to and from the training area). We also are located at an uncontrolled airport, so there is no wasted time holding short, waiting in line to take off. We do incorporate towered airports into out training by taking students to the towered airports close to Bourland so they are proficient in tower airport operations, but remain efficient by not basing at a towered airport. Bourland's runway is lighted for night operations, with approach lights and two GPS approaches. We are located at an excellent airport for training. 

  • The building we base out of was designed with flight training in mind. Each instructor has a classroom to host one-on-one briefing and lessons. We also have a large classroom and study areas for our students to study and work towards their training with fellow students, creating a group learning environment. 

  • We have a fleet of very well maintained, updated, and clean aircraft. Our fleet of Cessna 172 airplanes have standard and updated avionics packages allowing for seamless flying, regardless of which aircraft you're in. Our Cirrus SR22 is used for the commercial retirement of 10 hours in a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and students will earn their High Performance Endorsement. Our Piper Seneca is the ideal multi engine aircraft, as it has a counter rotating engine (no critical engine) and is a great multi engine training platform. We intentionally have ample aircraft available for  our students so if one is down for maintenance, we minimize lesson cancellations.

  • We offer financing that can fund your professional pilot training program through our partners at Stratus Financial.  

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