Flight Instructors

Harbour Aviation's flight instructors are focused on providing the best instruction available in the state of Texas. Students will feel the difference after flying with a Harbour Aviation instructor. Our students will encounter absolute professionalism, organized instruction, and increased efficiency which leads to costs savings for our students. 

Chief Flight Instructor

Greg Engel is a retired US Navy Aviator and Flight Test Engineer. Greg has over 5,000 hours of flight instruction experience and diverse experience in multiple aircraft. Greg's experience is unmatched and is a great leader to Harbour Aviation instructors. 


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Our Flight Instructors 


Our flight instructors are not like most other instructors; we are committed to our students' success and are not in a rush to leave for the airlines or the next aviation job. We are full-time and long-term flight instructors. 

Harbour Aviation instructors charge $55 an hour for ground and flight training in Harbour Aviation aircraft, and $65 an hour if training in your own aircraft.

Flight Instructor

Hayden left a career in higher education to pursue his passion of aviation. Hayden is fully dedicated to providing the very best flight instruction by teaching efficiency, skill mastery, and safety. Hayden has a bachelor's and masters degree in business and helps oversee operations at Harbour Aviation. Hayden also holds a rotorcraft private pilot license, tailwheel instructor, and has over 1,100 hours of dual flight instruction given. 

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Trent Lefler is an experienced and passionate flight instructor with a broad training background in multiple aircraft. Trent is one of our most knowledgable instructors and is very talented at teaching.  

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Flight Instructor

Paul Baretto is a part 141 instructor who attended and completed his aviation degree with Tarrant County College. Paul has a wealth of knowledge and is a very motivated instructor with awesome flying experience. Paul also hold an SIC type rating in Citation jets.

Flight Instructor

Rick Gadberry retired and moved to Texas and started instructing at Harbour Aviation to to continue his passion for aviation. Before moving to Texas Rick flight instructed in Wisconsin and has years of experience providing quality flight instruction in numerous different aircraft. Rick's passion for aviation and flight instruction is what makes Harbour Aviation great. 

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Flight Instructor

Tyler Kelly is a former D1 college football player and has a strong passion for aviation and teaching. Tyler has a part 61 background and offers structured, yet individually customized flight instruction. Tyler is a CFI, CFII, and MEI and a great asset to Harbour Aviation.