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Flight Instruction

Harbour Aviation is here to help your pilot training take off. Your training does not have to be confined to Bourland Field, and it does not have to be in our aircraft. We can train at your airport and in your airplane!

Online Scheduling


Our aircraft and instructors can be scheduled and reserved online using Chronos Scheduling software. After students complete orientation, they will have log in credentials to reserve aircraft and instructors. 

Aircraft Rental


We offer well-maintained and top-of-the-line aircraft available for rent.

About Harbour Aviation

Harbour Aviation is a part 61 flight school that provides innovative, efficient, and exceptional flight instruction in a professional and flexible format. Our goal is to make your educational experience exactly what you want and need. Our students are important to us and we want to help them succeed, reach their fullest potential, and put their goals and dreams within reach. 

While our home base is Bourland Field, we are happy to meet you where you are. This unique feature sets our flight school apart from others in the DFW area. Pilots often feel more secure, comfortable, and ready to learn in spaces that they are familiar with, and we want to make your experience as relaxing and insightful as possible. If you would like to train at an airport closer to you, we have instructors who are ready! Additionally, while we have six aircraft to train out of, we are more than happy to accommodate you if you would like to train out of your own airplane. Our instructors have flown and instructed in multiple aircraft and are well-versed in many different types of planes. It is our mission to help you love flying as much as we do! We'd love to help you catch your next flight! 

Bourland Field Pilot Training flight school
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